Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sometimes empty is also quite full!

You know “One paints”, just because he paints. No! Just because he paints with “colors” .If a painter is devoid of colors and paints how you will believe that he can paint? How you will see his ability to paint? How you will trust that he can paint the wonders? .whenever a painter paints he uses colors because with his colors and paints he can paint out his ability in something which can be seen by others and remain as a memorial of his painting ability.
Can you ever imagine a great painter but devoid of all colors and canvas to paint? Now ability is there, painter can paint but without color and canvas he paints only with a clean empty brush wherever he got a chance to paint he paints, but nothing is there to show the world, nothing is preserved in the form of painting only emptiness remains there.
I am also a painter, a painter who can paint love but I am deprived of all colors and paints of love, I am deprive of any canvas to paint love but the fact is truth that I am not deprive of the ability to paint love .I love this act of painting love, I have a brush an empty brush  with no paints and no canvas but still I paint without colors with my ability and with my empty brush
On walls of room,
On blankness of papers,
 On roofs and floors,
 On the nights away from the lights,
 On stones of mountains,
 On oceans of sand whenever and wherever I got a chance and even didn’t get a  chance I started my painting ,painting of love.
Every one curse me,
Oh! Stupid what are you doing?
I am painting love.
Where are the paints to paint love? Where is your canvas to paint? Are you mad?
Please! Let me paint, I am painting.

Painting with an empty brush with no colors and no paints without any canvas only with my ability to paint love! I can’t resist my self from painting love .Since last decade,I am painting one of the worlds most brilliant and attractive paintings, a master piece, some thing marvelous, nobody can even imagine my ability to paint this. If a sensitive person will see this he will cry out in tears, few sensible ones will smile with a sorrow in their heart but actually it can never be possible to show, no one can see this painting even no one can believe in my painting ability. this world can never see a painting without colors, even canvas is unaware of the fact that how beautifully its being painted .Whenever I will try to show my painting to this world they will say that its empty silly person! there is nothing. I know there is nothing just because I lack colors and canvas I couldn't manage them except my ability to paint love. Who cares that no one can understand this painting, no one can witness this one, and it can never be changed still. There are those who have all colors to paint love and a canvas too but they lack this ability to paint love, their paintings are just as they have poured colors simply on their canvas without any beauty without any ability. They are also deprived, deprive of the ability to paint love although they are not deprived of colors but their paintings are not of any worth and value.
I am just deprived of colors and canvas but I am painting my painting since many years with an ability to paint love. I am so much busy in doing so that I forgot that I lack colors and canvas what I remember was my act of painting .I know I have nothing I am empty handed what I will depict to this world, I will be humiliated, insulted, degraded for my empty painting of love by the people, but It cannot change my ability, my hidden ability to paint love. No one can understand this empty painting but for me it’s quite full because
Sometimes empty is also quite full.

written by:fareeha farooq
           17 June 2011.

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  1. sometimes empty is also quite full.... interesting subject and i must say you ended up with a deep line. keep doing the good work one day someone will realize you effort no matter you have required instruments for that or not it is effort that matters the most