Friday, December 17, 2010

pakistan still the land of pure

Pakistan meaning "the land of pure" but so many say its a fake line a fraud meaning of Pakistan because in this land of pure nothing is pure,not even the pure milk available here,not pure flour , not pure air ,not pure system and not pure governance.the whole country is impure and corrupt ,the most corrupt country in the world Pakistanis are not the trustworthy people, its not the land of pure. Pakistan is no more immaculate no more 'Pak'.
The feelings above are not mine but I have seen and read these expressions so many times from many sources.I am disappointed and sad to read all this, its a fact that there are some impurities in my country but Pakistan is still the land of pure ,milk is not pure ,air is not pure, vegetables and spices are adulterated one ,politics is not guileless ,policies are not trustful but Pakistan is still the land of pure.I know nothing above is pure but one thing "our emotions" .Our emotions are pure they are not impure,our sufferings are virtuous these are not impure,our grieves are untainted they are not impure ,our sacrifices are spotless they are not impure,our martyrs are angelic they are not impure, our passions are pure ,our hearts are pure.I can't say about other things but I am sure of these that our emotions are pure our wishes are pure , our dreams are pure,our sorrows are are pure.
All of those who criticize and judge us by saying that 'Pakistan is not a land of pure" they only see one side of coin not the other side the purest one.I know some black sheep are there in the land of pure but not any impure can really come over our purity. We ,the masses, are innocent and living in the land of pure.I cant give the number that how many are pure ? hundred ,thousand , million or all but can surely say that not all of us  are impure.Our one pure Pakistani is better than our 100 of impure ,that will bright our future and eliminate the darkness created by the impure ones .I am pure and I am Pakistani ,I know many hundred and thousands of my kind who are pure so the time till one of our pure Pakistani is alive we can't be the impure one. My land is still producing many "pure individuals " the need of the time is just to show the world, how pure angelic and untainted our land is.we the pure "pak" will cleanup the impurities spread all around in the form of  corruption , terrorism , injustice and inequality. My other fellows will do the same and we will show the world that's what the "pak land" is .what we need to do all this is just a realization that we are pure  ,on the positive side because 
our emotions : pure                             our passions : pure 
our dreams :   pure                              our sacrifices: pure
our martyrs : pure                                our sufferings: pure
our miseries : pure                                our believes  :pure
                                our Islam : pure
we are the inhabitants of this pure land " Pakistan".


  1. Nice thoughts but much dramatics. try to analyze. I believe it will be good but try to make not just emotions. :)

  2. Emotions do matter alot specially if they are pure and Pak as we have in our pure land.

  3. Pakistan is the only a state formed on the name of Islam. Even there some corrupt individuals and flows in the system; however time will definitely come when Pakistan will become prosperous and developed county where pure Islamic system will implemented.

  4. Most beautifully expressed emotions.