Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What is your relationship with our country?

I am a mother for my children.
I am a brother for my sister.
 I am a daughter for my father.
Etc etc etc
It shows that how beautifully in our life we are connected with one another, all our relationships are for each other .But one thing always irritate me in my concise that I am a daughter, I am a sister ,I am a mother ,I am a grand mother but all this for my love ones .What am I  for my country ?Who am I for Pakistan ?What is my current relationship with Pakistan ?This question always roam about in my very delicate and small brain .Then I reached to a point I struck with the consideration  that “My profession is my relationship with my country” .That’s the way to connect with my dear country .A daughter for parents a brother for sisters and a professional for my country .I am a good human being , I am a good sister ,brother ,daughter, neighbor ,friend all this surely make the foundation of a good strong society but for country your profession matters a lot your profession is your direct relation with your country that’s how you serve and make your country a proud one. I am a mother for children but a doctor, not for my children but for my country .I am a brother for my sister, but an engineer for my country. I am a father for my children ,but a teacher for my country ,same way lawyer for my country ,politician for my country ,writer for my country ,accountant for my country ,baker for my country ,painter for my country.
Our professions are our relationships with our country .If I am not in any type of profession and I am not doing work I am jobless than for sure I am not in any relationship with my country, I am not benefiting and serving my country so ,
I am studying to become a professional and develop a direct relationship with my country.


  1. a good article. its not that we should have a profession to have relationship with our country because its relationship with people of our country in any way that matters. if you are serving the people of your country you are serving your country.(profession is just one mean).
    a mother, a housewife may not be "in relationship" with country by profession but still she is, by what she is giving to her country.

  2. Nice article. I think i am all the time in a relationship with my country, just depends on me if i can have a good one or a bad one. I choose a good, constructive one!!!