Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What is your relationship with our country?

I am a mother for my children.
I am a brother for my sister.
 I am a daughter for my father.
Etc etc etc
It shows that how beautifully in our life we are connected with one another, all our relationships are for each other .But one thing always irritate me in my concise that I am a daughter, I am a sister ,I am a mother ,I am a grand mother but all this for my love ones .What am I  for my country ?Who am I for Pakistan ?What is my current relationship with Pakistan ?This question always roam about in my very delicate and small brain .Then I reached to a point I struck with the consideration  that “My profession is my relationship with my country” .That’s the way to connect with my dear country .A daughter for parents a brother for sisters and a professional for my country .I am a good human being , I am a good sister ,brother ,daughter, neighbor ,friend all this surely make the foundation of a good strong society but for country your profession matters a lot your profession is your direct relation with your country that’s how you serve and make your country a proud one. I am a mother for children but a doctor, not for my children but for my country .I am a brother for my sister, but an engineer for my country. I am a father for my children ,but a teacher for my country ,same way lawyer for my country ,politician for my country ,writer for my country ,accountant for my country ,baker for my country ,painter for my country.
Our professions are our relationships with our country .If I am not in any type of profession and I am not doing work I am jobless than for sure I am not in any relationship with my country, I am not benefiting and serving my country so ,
I am studying to become a professional and develop a direct relationship with my country.

Monday, December 20, 2010

The reality of my face

I was  a kid a usual kid I never noticed my face in mirror I never got an idea to do that ,But I was looking into myself ,always with a question Who am I ? I was in thinking age not in observing age. I kept on exploring and exploring myself, dived into ocean of my soul with a question who am I? Then with the progression of time, finally at the mature age of 12 I finally got a little bit idea of my character, my personality; my dimensions were open now in front of me. I was surprised to how did I reach there to be able to recognize myself? It was great indeed to be known to yourself .A next step ahead I looked into mirror to see who am I in appearance and then I felt the strong palpitation of my heart “Who’s the girl there in mirror I am not there, whose face is this? I don’t belong to this face it can’t be mine”. Whatever I explore in me was completely different from my appearance and my face was not in accordance to my character, my personality. I drenched into sorrow of my feelings. Oh! My God whose face? It can’t be mine, who’s looking me in the mirror whom am I watching in mirror? I cried, I wept Ah! What an injustice Why Allah Tallah? you was aware of every thing ,You gave me life, You gave me personality ,you gave me character and You also gave me face but why such face which don’t depict my personality my character my inside ;It’s a mismatch ,a great mismatch of my life. I raised all these questions in front of my dear Allah ……………..
Then the term compromise came in my life and I hold that completely .OK I have to do compromise with this face now.
Wheel of time keep on running and many years passed. Now few days back a strange incidence happened, Here comes a Hollywood director to meet me “where were you, Thank God I have find you” he said after watching me for a while.” we were searching a face for a role in my movie and you are perfect for that role” director told me that from last few months they are searching a girl for their film role. The demand of role is “A girl who should have all traits of an Asian face, her eyes are the most important one; her eyes should be like an ocean of dismay, sadness and grief. there should be a strange chain of questions on her face ,there should not be a single sign of beauty on her face but a single  sign of ugliness should be there  ,her nose shouldn’t be deform or not to be perfect ,a medium one .there should be no expressions on her face ,a complete expressionless face ,she should not know how to laugh ,she should be a perfect example of “brown color” not fair not dark; only “brown” .she should not be fat or too slim ,not too tall not too small but her hands should be very long like a perfect Asian women hand ,which will depict the philosophical mind of Asian women.” he told me that you are the only one who perfectly match for this role only you can do this role please accept it please ,because only you, you are perfect for this role only your face suits the role perfectly.
That time I realized an indescribable feeling the feeling of awareness, the feeling of exploring my self how stupid I was at age of 12 when I thought my face is not in accordance to my character my personality I was wrong now I discover “you are not given a face according to your character but according to your role in life”
I really thanked the director for realizing that my face was in accordance to my role in my life. I refused to do the role because I was already playing a very important role for a very Important and Biggest director of the world.

(Director whom I met was Ashfaq Ahmed and I met him in his short story “College se ghaar tak”)

Friday, December 17, 2010

pakistan still the land of pure

Pakistan meaning "the land of pure" but so many say its a fake line a fraud meaning of Pakistan because in this land of pure nothing is pure,not even the pure milk available here,not pure flour , not pure air ,not pure system and not pure governance.the whole country is impure and corrupt ,the most corrupt country in the world Pakistanis are not the trustworthy people, its not the land of pure. Pakistan is no more immaculate no more 'Pak'.
The feelings above are not mine but I have seen and read these expressions so many times from many sources.I am disappointed and sad to read all this, its a fact that there are some impurities in my country but Pakistan is still the land of pure ,milk is not pure ,air is not pure, vegetables and spices are adulterated one ,politics is not guileless ,policies are not trustful but Pakistan is still the land of pure.I know nothing above is pure but one thing "our emotions" .Our emotions are pure they are not impure,our sufferings are virtuous these are not impure,our grieves are untainted they are not impure ,our sacrifices are spotless they are not impure,our martyrs are angelic they are not impure, our passions are pure ,our hearts are pure.I can't say about other things but I am sure of these that our emotions are pure our wishes are pure , our dreams are pure,our sorrows are are pure.
All of those who criticize and judge us by saying that 'Pakistan is not a land of pure" they only see one side of coin not the other side the purest one.I know some black sheep are there in the land of pure but not any impure can really come over our purity. We ,the masses, are innocent and living in the land of pure.I cant give the number that how many are pure ? hundred ,thousand , million or all but can surely say that not all of us  are impure.Our one pure Pakistani is better than our 100 of impure ,that will bright our future and eliminate the darkness created by the impure ones .I am pure and I am Pakistani ,I know many hundred and thousands of my kind who are pure so the time till one of our pure Pakistani is alive we can't be the impure one. My land is still producing many "pure individuals " the need of the time is just to show the world, how pure angelic and untainted our land is.we the pure "pak" will cleanup the impurities spread all around in the form of  corruption , terrorism , injustice and inequality. My other fellows will do the same and we will show the world that's what the "pak land" is .what we need to do all this is just a realization that we are pure  ,on the positive side because 
our emotions : pure                             our passions : pure 
our dreams :   pure                              our sacrifices: pure
our martyrs : pure                                our sufferings: pure
our miseries : pure                                our believes  :pure
                                our Islam : pure
we are the inhabitants of this pure land " Pakistan".

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ashfaq Ahmed and Bano Qudsia ----- Jab they met

Ashfaq Ahmed and Bano Qudsia, the two most inspiring personalities of my life. I started reading Bano Qudsia first and then I got a chance and fate to read "Zavia" written by Ashaq Ahmed. I was so amazed when I came to know that the two most inspiring personalities of my life are married to each other they are husband and wife. Oh I was so surprised and thrilled .What a beautiful coincidence, two amazingly spiritual souls was actually made for each other and especially they got a chance of alliance in this world too. What a beautiful sensation it was for me .I can’t explain in words but a question was roaming in my mind “how they met”. I was so amazed by thinking all these questions “ where they met?” ,“ What bring them close?” “how these two super souls recognize each other?” “ were they married by an arrange marriage or a love one?” At that time all these questions stuffed into my brain . Unfortunately no one around me, like friends or family, was able to answer these inquisitions of mine. One thing was assured that their marriage couldn't be an arrange one because in arrange marriages such miracle is not possible. But how this miracle happened?
One day I went to a book shop I saw a book there name was “      بےنیاز صوفی بابا         “ and on title a photo of Ashfaq sahib. I immediately bought that book because it was about Ashfaq Ahmed. At that time I was unaware that all my questions are going to be answered by this book. The first chapter of the book is an essay of Mumtaaz Mufti about Ashfaq Ahmed  which answers all my questions so beautifully that this story has become the most sacred the most divine ,most holy love story for me . what he wrote ? there are few lines only  which will depict the beauty of their love story
وہ محترمہ بڑی چترکار تھی, اندر سے قدیم اوپر سے جدید, اُوپر سے سادمرادمی اندر بن ٹھن ھی بن ٹھن, اوپر سے ٹھراؤ ھی ٹھراؤ اندر جزبات کی ھلچل ,اوپر ذھن ھی ذھن اندر دل ھی دل .وہ محترمہ دروپدی ااور گیشیا کا سنگم تھیں ۔ وہ محترمہ متاثر ھو کر آگے بڑھنے کی بجا ئے پیچھےھٹنےکی عظمت کو جانتی تھی وہ محترمہ ان مشرقی خواتین میں سے تھی جوپیچھےھٹنے والوں کو پھچانتی ھیں اور خود پیچھے ھٹ کےانھیں اس ندامت سے بچا لیتی ھیں .بڑے واقعات ھمیشہ چھوٹی سی بات سے جنم لیتے ھیں ایک روز محترمہ کالج کے برآمدے میں سے گزر رھی تھی اشفاق نے سوچا کوئی منفرد بات کروں اس نے ھاتھ پھیلادیا ایک آنہ دے دیجیے کس لیے محترمہ نے پوچھا،سگریٹ پیوں گا ۔محترمہ نے اکنی ھتھیلی پہ رکھ دی۔فتنہ و فساد کے ایوان کی بنیادپر پھلی سیڑھی رکھ دی گئی پھربات بڑھتی گئ اشفاق سارا دن موقعہ ڈھونڈتا کہ ھاتھ پھیلا کر کھےایک آنہ ۔محترمہ منتطر رھنے لگی پھراھتمام کرنے لگی کہ جیب میں ٹوٹی ھوئی اکنی موجود ھےبات بڑھی تو محترمہ آگے بڑھنےکی بجائے پیچھےھٹنے لگی اشفاق حیران رہ گیا وہ "اب کیا ھوگا “کی فکرسےآزادھوگیا  اس لیےآگے بڑھنے لگا اور آگے اور آگے۔یہ اس کےلیےایک انوکھا تجربہ تھاجس میں آگے بڑھنے کی لذت تو موجود تھی لیکن فاصلہ کم ھونے کا خدشہ نہ تھا .آگے بڑھتے بڑھتے وہ اس مقام پر پھنچ کرواپسی ممکن نھیں رھتی ۔اشفاق طبیعت سے ایک گیلی لکڑی ھے بھڑک کر جلنے کی صلاحیت سے محروم۔صرف سلگنا جانتا ھے سال ھا سال سلگتا رھا ۔محترمہ میں انتظار کا حوصلہ موجود تھا خاندان روایتی تھا باپ جابر تھا اشفاق گونگا تھا "
written by Mumtaaz Mufti
It continues to many lines after that but the beauty of his words is truly eternal So mystically he described that how they met , that’s how the miracle of nature happened. If this miracle didn’t happen to them, all of us who are keen readers of these two personalities could not be able to connect with them so deeply as we are now. For me its an absolute wonder , a miracle , most sacrosanct love story of world.what it taught me is " an echo of silent romance ","behavior of acceptance" and "conquest of virtues".

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A poem dedicated to Amrita pritam

Amrita Pritam need no introduction she is one of the finest writer of our southasian region but the real life story of her is so delicate as a flower .she was so innocent and a loving lady that no one can understand her if one doesn't have a sensitive heart.In her middle ages she was in love with a young man Inderjeet Singh ,people couldn't understand that mismatch,a long stretch of age and a distance between them was a big hurdle for Amrita to cover up. she was living near Dehli and Inderjeet who was also named as "Imroz" was struggling in Mumbai to become an Actor. the age difference and the distance of places both were increasing day by day but poor Amrita was flourishing in the love of  Inderjeet.If you people, wish to know more about their story than please read the book "محبت نامے " by Amrita I am presenting a poem which I wrote after reading that book and its dedicated to Amrita Pritam ,hope it will depict her true anddivine feelings here.
میں اک جوگی دے جوگی آں
میں ھور کسے دے جوگی نیں
سارا جگ جوگی دے جوگا اے
جوگی بس میرے جوگا اے
میں اک جوگی دے جوگی آں
میں ھور کسے دے جوگی نیں
اوہ جوگی جگ وچ وسدا اے     
پر جگ ساڈے تے ھسدا اے
اے کیھوں جیی جوگن اے
جیھڑی اک جوگی دے جوگی اے
سارا جگ جوگی دے جوگا اے
پر جوگی بس  جوگن دے جوگا اے
جوگی میں ءلم بھلایا اے
جوگی  میں ءشق گنوایا اے
جوگی میں تینوں پایا وے
میں اک جوگی دے جوگی آں
میں ھور کسے دے جوگی نیں
سارا جگ جوگی دے جوگا اے
جوگی بس میرے جوگا اے
میری کلایئاں جوگی دے جوگی اے
میری مانگ جوگی دے جوگی اے
میرا حسن جوگی دے جوگا اے
میرا رو رو جوگی دے جوگا اے
ایھہ ھور کسی دےجوگا نیں
میں اک جوگی دے جوگی آں
میں ھور کسے دے جوگی نیں
جوگی ایھہ سنجو گ دا لیکھا اے
جوگی تو ھتھ دی ریکھا اے
پر جوگی جگ نے ھنسنا اے
اساں نال کیویں وسناں اے
جوگی اے جگ نا سمجھ پاوے گا
کہ میں اک جوگی دے جوگی آں
میں ھور کسے دے جوگی نیں
جوگی ءمراں دا لنگناں اے
اساں رک کے کیتھے رکھنا اے
پر ایھہ سنجوگ دا لیکھا اے
میں اک جوگی دے جوگی آں
میں ھور کسے دے جوگی نیں
جوگن میں تیرے جوگا آں
میں ھور کسے دے جوگا نیں
سارا جگ میرے جوگا اے
پر میں بس تیرے جوگا آں
جگ نوں میں چپ کراں دا گا
سب نوں میں بھول بھولا داں گا
میں تینوں بھول نہ پاواں گا
میں بس تیرے ای جوگا آں
میں ھور کسے دے جوگا نیں
میں اک جوگی دے جوگی آں
میں ھور کسے دے جوگی نیں
سارا جگ جوگی دے جوگا اے
جوگی بس میرے جوگا اے
میں اک جوگی دے جوگی آں