Wednesday, March 7, 2012

When A Woman Goes Silent __Humsafar

A question is roaming in my mind after farewell of Humsafar serial that why I keep hating the serial? After watching the first episode I never wished to watch it again but still I had to watch it because of my mother and siblings who were simply loving the serial and times when luckily I didn't watch my mother used to narrate the whole story for me , not because of me just  she loved to tell the stories of her favorite serials.I simply hated the story ,never enjoyed the single moment till end ,I found the story outline quite disgusting and indigestible romanticized fantasy which according to me have no place in this cold and harsh world.On the other hand for my amazement the Humsafar drama has broken all the preset records of popularity in all the classes of Pakistani society.From high class to lower class the serial gained equal popularity and everyone watched it with great fervor and excitement, But why I didn't like to watch it ? obviously its a matter of personal choice still it put me into a feeling whether the majority is insane or its me who is not normal (some of my close friends also joined the ride in not liking the serial at all).
After the farewell of serial I was reading today in Newspaper "daily times" a letter to editorial which is still discussing the popularity of serial which shows that was not " far from eyes far from mind" kind of show. The question which arouse is what was so fascinating in the serial which attracted so many people ? When everyone had already read the story outline because of  the Novel and they kept saying story is predictable then what it was? the characters of Khirad, Sara ,Ashar, Farida were responsible for popularity which made place in people's heart?  Was it wardrobe, beautiful house, good faces which attracted million of people? so I can't deny the fact that almost all private production are showing same kind of stuff such good makeup , beautiful housing , interior was nothing new , same Fawad Khan was there in 3 serial at the same time when the show was going on air so what is the reason for such wide cosmopolitan popularity of the show??
Despite the fact that I hate to watch the serial , found it so boring like an old fairy tale (which although still have some attraction) the only reason which I can rationally conclude for People likeness was a "Woman Character" named as "Khirad". 
This was only the character of this "Silent Woman" which can be accounted as the reason of popularity to such an extent, the subject of the serial in the deep was just two words "Self respect and Silence" A woman who has immense self respect and righteous attitude when alleged characterless now how she behaves was the matter to know .you are snubbed by your husband , you are not being trusted ,you are just punished for being poor are the most common behavior of society but in reflection of all these "the woman of self respect only went to the path of silence" She tried her best to clarify all the matter but when the other person refused to listen all, what she did? She cultivated a silence inside her and she went silent and this silence made her beautiful , respectful , attractive to an extent that all the viewers of the serial started to worship this women of silence  in their subconscious. What happen when a woman goes silent that was the high point of whole story that what made the serial so fascinated and connected the viewers in a way that it won their hearts .Where today all believes in speaking and keep saying things like "Bol ke Lubb Azad hain " Khirad's silent behavior still won their hearts that's what we actually praise in our subconscious.
What actually won in the humsafar was not only the story , dialogues, screenplay, post production, direction, but "the woman who goes silent" and rest of the characters which actually just  helped to show this side.
Silence is the best remedy in highest complexities of life that's what I think people should learn from the serial and after such explanation for proving myself why people liked the show I still confess I am not a humsafar fan even I didn't bother to watch the last episode.


  1. Ofcoure Right, Which you observed is actually the Thing around which story revolves and it Could be that many people even didnt notice that Silence!


  3. Actually every woman perhaps saw a Khirad in herself...from begining till the end she was just a sacrifice ka putlaa...and I could not understand how girls liked Asher...a spineless man.

    1. in one respect you are right that she continue to be a sacrificing puppet , but women in this world is goddess of sacrifice but one thing which she didn't sacrifice at all was her self respect.