Friday, March 30, 2012

Facebook Twitter Luxury

Social media although the most powerful tool for connecting people worldwide and ensuring fast and reliable spread of the information ,perhaps is equally responsible for causing some serious trouble to the mankind.A trouble! yes ,trouble in a sense that the most famous social websites as Twitter and facebook can be easily proved as a luxury,an online luxury of the society.the word luxury in the present world, modern world I 'll say is not just confined to the materialistic possessions, like

a car , costly mobiles, big house and etc etc because having all these luxuries is incomplete to provide happiness in your life If you don't have the modern most luxury a Facebook or Twitter profile. What kind of behavior I am talking about ? To understand this read first what Bertrand Russel wrote in his essay "Machines and Emotions", his says in the essay

"An assumption which is made by almost everyone, the assumption is that the possession of material commodities is what makes men happy,It is thought that a man who has
two rooms and two beds and two loaves must be twice as happy as a man who has one room,one bed and one loaf.In a word it is thought that happiness is proportional to income"

so according to Russel we seek luxuries and riches just to satisfy the feeling of "Being happy" .we have assumed that rich we are happy we are but in the modern world does that just enough to live happy if you are rich then the answer is "Not really". Being Rich is some other thing and being happy is other but there is a close relationship between them. what is that? Let Russel explain,according to him

"Men have physical needs and they have emotions while physical needs are unsatisfied,they take first place but when they are satisfied,emotions are unconnected
with them become important in deciding whether a man is to be happy or unhappy.
Why do we in fact almost all of us desire to increase our incomes? It may seem at first site as though material goods were what we desire ,But in fact we desire these mainly to impress our neighbors.When a man moves into a larger house in a more genteel quarter, he reflects that better people will call on his wife and some unprosperous cronies of former days can be dropped.When he sends his son to a good school or an expensive University ,He consoles himself for heavy fees by thoughts of the social kudos to be gained.One of the most powerful of our passions is the desired to be admired and respected as things stand ,admiration and respect are given to man who seems to be rich "

book having  "Machines and Emotions" essay

So all concluded by the master of thoughts is that we want to get rich for our neighbors, for our cronies and now a days for our facebook friends and twitter followers. People always wish and try to show their riches to the people connected with them through these websites and the purpose of all these subconscious efforts is  undoubtedly an effort of gaining Respect through his riches.We all know that in our society the respected most is actually the richest most. You are happy because you are respected and you are respected most of the time because you are rich , so you need to realize others of your luxuries and tool provided for the purpose is Facebook and twitter.Facebook and twitter is an easy way in the modern world to show your riches to the world and earn respect(sometime fear too) for which generally every human being is passionate.

Every one using social media is well aware of the behavior of famous and respected socialites who keep sharing the stuff about luxuries in their life enormously. one always can easily find them sharing words "Like I am in abroad" "I am in new york" "I am in Dubai , Burj Khalifa"etc etc they keep mentioning about the restaurants they check in "Nando's, Peeru's,KFC, Hardee's, ..... (are among the most famous one)" and the way they behave when these people eat some thing luxurious they never forget to take the picture of that food "eat it later and took a picture first"

sometime it makes you feel that they just buying such stuff for taking a photograph not for purpose of eating it,from ice-creams to chocolates to frozen yogurt all is must to mention by them in their tweets.Showing of a 1000 dollar dress in the profile picture and can never make their profile look complete without.Why people actually do such things ? they have all in their lives and be happy but NO No NO! having such things can never make the fun and happiness complete where hidden secret for their happiness is sharing the luxuries on social network . Having the luxury has probably failed to make people happy and they are actually more happy with showing these luxuries to friends and socially connected neighbors or sometime stalkers.People who tweet all such stuff no doubt gain popularity in terms of respect too and the other person ,his/her social media fellow will try to gain the same respect as his/her friend or ideal have. he will go for picnics, parties , check out different restaurants and attend such conferences and events he have no interest in , but he will do all this not because he keep enjoy doing all this but just because he thinks if he will share such stuff on these websites he will attain popularity and respect he always wished to earn. This all create a sense of competition to be rich and have the luxuries in life.Is this a start of a new kind of behavior in general public full of stress and materialistic competition or this is the blind alley we have entered in as a whole society and humanity  Russel is saying in his essay

"The modern desire for wealth is not inherent in human nature and could be destroyed by different social institutions If by law we all had exactly the same income , we should have seek some other way of being superior to our neighbors and most of our present craving for material possession
would cease."

Is it possible that one who have luxuries in his life ,but not going for a pomp and show of his luxuries just to escape the poor and others who have not such luxuries, from going into the state of Inferiority complex and he prefers some other virtues to earn respect in people's eye."Equality" is the most important pillar of a society where peace can be achieved. Equality demands either all should be poor or all should be rich but yet Its never going to be possible practically the other ways is that the rich people should leave and stop snobbish culture they should go on hiding their luxuries from the poor ones so that they may not feel inferior to anyone But the rich one using such websites are all the time busy in promoting their luxuries and giving complexes to the inferior one's I am not so positive about the end of such behavior but as far Russel is concerned he is putting all the responsibilities on behavioral Sciences for making People happy again on true basis and as a whole Humanity .In Russel words

"As far as our desire is competitive no increase of human happiness as a whole comes from increase of wealth whether general or particular"
"I believe that the modern increase in War like instincts is attributed to the dissatisfaction (Mostly unconscious) caused by the regularity , monotony and tameness of modern life."
"When Science learn to understand Human nature it will be able to bring Happiness into our lives which machines and the physical science have failed to create"

I will conclude the machines , phyical science and the social media too have failed to create that happiness sadly.

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