Sunday, January 30, 2011


Life was suffocating life was stopping my breaths. I couldn't tolerate it any more, such a difficult thing, life and such a weak and delicate person to tackle it .My life was really suffocating me. such things like my likes ,dislikes, hatred, loves , aspirations , progress, failures , emotions ,expressions ,gains, loses ,sorrows ,happiness all were obstruct here in my breaths and all was suffocating my life. I was so much tired and unable to tolerate my life at all, such suffocating life. I searched the way and way was searching me too.

 The way was “Philosophy of Zero” the great philosophy gave me relief and life was no more suffocating now. I accept that philosophy of Zero that all is zero. According to this philosophy there is no existence of fake worldly emotions I can’t feel any thing ,I can't be happy I cant be sad, I can't desire any thing, I can’t aspire any thing ,I can’t feel, I can’t progress, I can’t fail ,I can’t be successful. I can’t do good and I can’t do bad I can’t speak ,I can’t remain silent, such philosophy of zero that’s all about nothingness. This Nothingness prevails all over .No one is important in life and no one is mere in life completely nothingness, All desires all emotions are zero. I was extremely happy with this, I adopted that philosophy of 000000000000000000000000 and find out the relief of my life .Now I was free and Life was broad enough to call a Simple one.

I always wished to seek this .every thing was out of my life, expressions ,emotions likes ,dislikes, success ,failure, hates , loves ,desires interests and I was there happy and free ,free to enjoy this condition of 000000000 ,state of nothingness.

Then with the passage of time there came an emptiness in my life ,empty life hollow life , life of 000000000000.It was still unsatisfying to me I was no more happy and complete with this 000000000000000000 .What was it failure of a great philosophy ? How it could be possible?

Moving further in life I reached to a point where I need to complete this philosophy of zero because philosophy of zero was incomplete without philosophy of One. It can never be the code of life just 00000000 but the 11111111111 prevails in this philosophy. Everything every emotion is zero except one, One God ,One Allah it can never be Zero and It cant be 2 or 3 or 4….One God One Allah Uniformity of the facts and all the emotions .Every zero move towards that One (1).

Every emotion is zero if it is not connected to One; every success is zero if it’s not for One God. Only He is there and All is zero .Except His oneness whole universe is just a mere Zero .Zero is the fact and One is the truth, Universe follow this binary system of 01010101010110101111101110111101111When you start believing that One,you also got the fact of all the zeros and importance of these zeros I can proudly say that for me every thing is Zero except One and every thing which HE likes I like that too. What HE loves I love that too and What He gives I accept that too.

Written by : fareeha farooq.


  1. yeah,Its beautiful concept...I too believe on this...Everything comes from the source and source is Allah Who feeds the Whole universe. This whole universe need energy to work and Allah feeds that energy. And we all Particals are connected to the source somehow...

  2. another wonderful, thought provoking article. hats off to you. you are doing great, my dear. i am happy to tell you that you are improving a lot and a maturity of writing is coming so fast...keep writing :)

  3. Great article :) its nice to have both experience, to integrate both sides nothingness and oneness (all). Thank you for sharing!

  4. thanx to thrice above for reading, understanding and commenting :)