Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dedicated to a wandering and restless soul -------Human being ,soul, and love

What is a human being? What is a soul? I don’t know that, how could I know that, I am so much ignorant .I know them so less. What is a human?

 Human being is a great creation, great being who can do any thing, who can progress, who can think and transform his thoughts into realities by changing the face of the world. Human being who hate and abominates to the extent that can destroy cities, villages and houses. He fires bombs, fights wars .he conquers, he flounder, At last he is human being he can do any thing. For example humans seek knowledge, produce knowledge, spread knowledge .We all know that trait of a human being due to which angels bow before him, the overture of a human being is incomplete without its attainments, proficiency and knowledge. Human being? Who has emotions, he can be happy, sad, dejected, despondent, he can be hopeful can be pessimist .Oh! Human being can be every thing. He has courage, he lose will he give respect, he works harder he is assiduous because he can do any thing .He can worship, he is worshiping God with invocation and supplication since centuries by many ways. he remembers Him, spent time for Him .I know all this about human being may be because I am also a human being that’s why I can understand but soul, what is soul? What is spirit? I could never understand it too. I have just heard it s name “soul and spirituality” What this is. I have read many books about the close connection between body and soul but I was still unaware of soul and its connection to human being due to my absent mildness.

Oh! My God sorry I forgot to tell the important aspect of a human being. “he is not free he is a prisoner a  fettered and trussed prisoner .from centuries this human being is not free but soul, soul is not bound. Soul is free, unbound, unfettered having all liberty and true independence. A free soul but a bound human being .Earlier I said that human beings can do any thing, its progress, its attainments, its knowledge, its hatred, its jealousy, he can do any thing than how he is not free how he is a prisoner? A man of happiness, A man of inspirations, A man of worries ,A man of infinite progress ,A man of great wars ,A man of great discoveries how is he a prisoner how it could be possible?

It’s possible It’s a fact that human beings who can do any thing but can’t Love that’s what devoid them from their freedom. Love has been devolving upon his soul, his free soul. Now perhaps I can understand a soul which succeeds over a human being a soul which can’t hate which can’t create can’t invent, but it’s free, free to love. Soul can do only one task, it has only one business, business of love, love is not a business of a prisoner unfettered human being. It’s just the matter of a soul to a soul may be that connection of souls is called Love. An infinite soul and an immortal love both are just for each other. Human beings can’t reach to their status A human can reach to the just first step of love that’s “Worship” but the fate of soul is the extent of Love, height of Love may be we call that “Ishq” .
Human being can’t love it just exploiting its name from centuries without understanding the fact that its none of his business .Love is not there in his genes ,that evolution is not the part of his formulation .A human being can grasp his sense, his intellect ,heart and brain but it can’t capture its free soul. It’s impossible for this poor fettered human being to grasp such free and untrammeled soul .I couldn’t understand spirituality because I was unable to understand the capability of soul i.e. Love, I didn’t understand because I was a human being but soul is there in every human and completes him, A soul is there for Love a free soul for free love .A human being don’t have the right to say that “I love you” he can say that “ My soul love your soul” It doesn’t matter if you even fail to say this because souls don’t need words ,souls recognize souls, your soul will tackle this problem ,problem of Love, you really don’t need to worry about that. 
Dedicated to  wandering and restless soul Maria Iqbal...

Written by : Fareeha Farooq.


  1. yeah! Agree...dts the matter of Souls!!!
    Bt dts not impossible dt u said.....
    "It’s impossible for this poor fettered human being to grasp such free and untrammeled soul"

    Way is Always there...

  2. way is always there but its too difficult for a common man to understand that mean

  3. Beautiful, thank you! I will reflect on it!