Sunday, August 28, 2011

" A Beautiful Mind " A must watch film

I recently watched this film and I must claim that it is the most beautiful film I watched in last decade of my life.I always wished to see that film but never got enough time until two months back I finally experienced it. .Learn from this film ,
the way to learn
the way to live
the way to avoid and
the way to illogical things of life

Official Trailer of the Film 
Must watch it and learn from Dr.Nash....

A Beautiful Mind - Nobel Prize Speech - Ending Scene


  1. The film shows nothing new but good morality, hardship and effectiveness of hard work for an eventual success.
    It is hopeless due to at least two reasons. First, the whole money in this universe will not be enough to award Nobel prizes if the mankind is to follow. Secondly, if the noble prize is to be awarded to only few people a year, most of the people would reject the proposal due to shortage of time.

  2. What I learn from this film is more than winning a Nobel award, I mentioned that learn to avoid; avoid characters in ur mind .some times when u have an extremely active brain u start making characters in ur mind who actually don't exist in reality or u keep on talking to people in ur brain who are not present in reality in ur life ,one cannot neglect the fact that Nash was not a mentally equipped or normal person and the strength which he showed to avoid those characters of his brain thats what most inspiring thing for me

  3. I haven’t seen the movie or actual novel except the review on the Wikipedia. The character of Alicia is supposed to console the one who comes out a catastrophic failure. Depression is usually caused by unjust conditions and fierce competition. Hallucinations are thought to be caused by untreated prolonged depressions and bipolar disorder. It is just to repeat that famous people are supported by a woman. Well, the looks of J. Connelly must have contributed a big role in raising the hopes of those who appreciated the tale. Besides that an unsuccessful women would love be credited with the success of his man.

  4. giving logical conclusions about a film which stand with a concept that there are illogical things in life and world and success is the greatest logic which never become the part of illogical people life but still they are successful in some other sense thats quite illogical to understand.

  5. Humans are supposed to be attracted by believable lies when presented as absolute truths. To understand believable lies, one has to know the countering undeniable argument to his/her own undeniable argument.

  6. I am sorry for calling unauthorized biography of Dr. Nash as novel in my second comment.