Thursday, September 15, 2011

Defining the status of Widow

Water film,  the film directed by Deepa Mehta,
  (the official trailer of the film; WATER) 

Water is a film which tries to define the status of being widow in  an insensitive society which closes all the doors of life and happiness for widows.the film describe that how some women (after death of their husbands) are subjected to inhumane and cruel behavior of the society.I just watched the film a month back and I am greatly moved by the sensitivity and emotionality captured by Deepa Mehta in this film.I am not at all intended to write a review of the film here but just its a try to make a realization that why society acts in this way with widows ,why  still after so many years and so much of international progress, in Under-develop and orthodox societies women are still treated in this way.
For me the issue of film is genuine, nothing in film is like commercial cinema; the film is about sensitivity ,reality and originality. the whole film is like a war among the outer world and inner world of a women,how a women tackle the society with so much of imposed traditions, how a women tackle her inner world ,her inside nature of living as a free and normal human being.Film is not merely an issue based film but a reality based film.
It arises question that what we actually get of those orthodox traditions which are completely unnecessary ,what advantage we (the society) can have by keeping someone deprived of a normal free life.Although the things have changed so much from the last century but still the conservative society is still intact fully  conserved somewhere inside and still deeply rooted.In the name of religion we are keeping life on this planet away from the freedom and rights ,bestowed by God.I am greatly moved by the appearance of Gandhi jee in last part of film when he narrated the lines that he used to consider that
"Ishvar hi Satayya hai"
God is truth
but his whole life changed  when he realized that 
"Satayya hi ishwar hai"
Truth is God actually.
Walk on the part of truth and you will find path directed by God ,Truth is the fact that every human being has a right to live, all human beings  are equal ,no tradition of the society can deprive one from life until he/she is alive .

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  1. Again, your view and article on Wikipedia and not the movie prompted me to comment.
    The film is a Mehta’s subjective stuff, soon to be accepted as an objective stuff. An objective stuff in the form of subjective stuff is usually resisted intentionally to get the attention of deprived people and their caregivers. Once the new subjectivity starts to roll as objectivity, the deprived people slowly start to become more deprived.
    It seems to be one of the early sequels to break the resistance of women so that they should start to accept more than one spouse at a time in near future. Population is huge and needs to be controlled. Money and personal survival matters more than relationships these days.
    Imagine a time when there was not a concept of marriage and the people were motivated to have marriages instead of free relationships over a long period of time. Populations were scattered, small and diseases were uncontrollable. Societies needed to grow and tackle enemies of those societies.