Monday, September 19, 2011

Not the flood victims but the flood warriors

you are not the flood victims 
you are not the flood survivors 
but you are the flood warriors ,
This time you have to fight
This time you can't just survive
This time you are going to prove 
you can fight as a warrior "Flood warriors".

those who 'll come to help you
rescue you ,Aid you
they 'll not be the only heroes for me,
I 'll not stand and clap only for them 
This time you are going to be the real heroes
you are going to receive a salute
Because you are going to fight 

you'll fight differently ,'ll show courage
you 'll show strength and unity ,
this time it will be all your "show"
You ll not just sit and wait in your camps
you will not just rely on the foreign aids.
But you 'll become a wall joining your hands 
a group of people sharing their shoulders 
you will surely help yourselves 

you are not just going to be the receiver of this aid 
you ll become the managers of this aid 
you know all the local places well
you can understand your local needs well
you are familiar to all the local people of yours
you should coalesce completely at this time 
the affected can understand the affliction to the best,

you know all and you will do all
you are going to be the real heroes
not just mere survivors of the flood 
but those who fight with such circumstances 
you 'll keep your heads high
you are important most and you 'll work most

(written by :Fareeha Farooq 
             19 september 2011) 


  1. It is beautiful simply awesome. I am stoned after reading it. Just unbelievable