Sunday, October 23, 2011

turning to an athiest !

 God = Love
NO Love = No God

No God = Atheist

No God of Love = Love atheist.

Find new God to restrain your-self from turning into an atheist .
it means you can find 

God of Success =  God of Respect =  God of Humanity = God of service = God of goodness = God of protection = God of Food =etc ,etc = God of All 

If you will find God by all these things than you may not turn in to a religious atheist but just a Love atheist ,the one who believes in God and the one who believes in all but fortunately the one who don't believe in Love.So here it comes a new term " Love atheist" .
Its good to be a Love atheist rather than being a God atheist because you can find God in other things of vast and diverse world. 
Thank you!
Fareeha Farooq.