Saturday, May 19, 2012


It was that time in Lahore when mostly poor children were used to go their school by Tonga and I was also one among them. I was not status conscious at that time and never felt really bad of this fact that I need to travel in Tonga on the other hand I was a kind of student who was used to watch many awareness programs on TV, such cartoons which uplift the morality by enhancing the ideas of global protection and environment safety and as a kid  I was happy with the fact  that my Tonga is not causing any global warming like other automobiles .,ok I think it’s enough to explain that why I travelled by Tonga during school life while decently hiding my financial status. Why am I telling all this? Actually I am going to tell you an experience of my life, rather early life. In childhood I had great fervor for observing people around me specially on the roads I used to watch them, notice their body languages their expressions and kept drawing some stories in my mind regarding them .Now unfortunately I have lost such glee in observations and rather keep avoiding and neglecting things around me. I was twelve and it was a hot humid day in summers, I was returning home from school in my slow pace commuter when traffic struck outside the NCA hostels. NCA is like a dream land for every other student in Lahore a deeply cultural place with beautiful and attractive students and every one romanticize that place so do I .

I always used to peek across the gate of  NCA hostel to see what was happening inside and I did same that day too as I was obligated to my habit ,suddenly a car entered inside the hostel ,a beautiful young girl stepped outside the car ,a boy was waiting for her already outside they started conversation in a very frank manner ,girl was insisting the boy to accompany her for some where obviously I couldn’t know but It was obvious from their gestures .the sweet princess looking girl was insisting him to join her after a short while boy finally acquiesced and they both sit in the car and left .ok that’s it what a simple plane story to narrate ,nothing like exciting in it ,nothing like suspense or thriller ,it’s just a normal event then why I am telling all this,the problem is that I also couldn't understand  why I liked this scene ?
NCA Boys Hostel (an inside view)

I probably have watched thousands of incidents on roadside but I never remember any incidence so clearly as this one. I kept thinking about this I found it really beautiful what ever happened. Now after few years when I was in 10th standard a friend, class fellow asked me “what do think  of Romance ?” “Romance?” I thought a while and said “to sing a song or giving a gift to someone like flowers or chocolate its romance” she said “romance means writing a poem for someone” maybe I didn't know that time but you can never all the time write a poem for someone so what is romance then? I still don’t know exactly but I miss that girl named Farukh ,may be now I am better able to explain and relate that NCA hostel story with the idea of romance .If I am now being asked the same question that “what is romance?” my answer would be “Insisting is Romance” when you insist someone politely you romance. It was a romantic story which I narrated earlier and that’s why I found it beautiful at that time but I was unable to identify it. My one friend is not happy with that idea of romance  when I discussed with her she said it’s quite like dictating and forcing someone to do something he or she don’t want to but I think dictating and forcing is something different than insisting .Insisting never means to constrain someone rather it’s different and I think it’s really romantic . Do insist your dear one’s but for what to insist? Don’t insist them for your own purposes, for your own needs obviously that’s not romantic ,do insist them for some purposes which will make them happy not likely to create trouble for them but which is beneficial and helpful for them ,to insist on such circumstances will surely going to build up relationships strong and beautiful.
Next question is ,to insist whom? So romance is something which we have quite negatively confined to the relationship of a girl and boy although it’s not the only case, you can create a sense of romance and happiness in your every other relationship do insist your parents your mother your father your sister your brother your friends, your spouse  anyone .and why to insist? Because its romantic ,Insisting is always romantic .I always insist my parents my friends and if someone mind and behave rude it means they don’t deserve your romance and you  don’t need to try such things with them .If you people don’t agree with me I am really sorry because I am happy with my idea of Romance “Insisting is Romancing”.
I hope you people enjoyed the post as no one enjoy my other conventional posts so I tried to write in rather  unconventional manner this time, thank you.
Written by:
Fareeha Farooq


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